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School Leaders


Alex Bronson
Ms. Bronson returns to Williamsburg Collegiate for her seventh year.  Prior to becoming Principal, Ms. Bronson taught 5th grade science at WCCS and 6th & 7th grade science at MS 88 in Brooklyn. In addition to teaching, Ms. Bronson has served as grade level lead, science department lead, and Dean of Curriculum Instruction. Ms. Bronson is a Teach for America New York City alumnus and received her B.A. in Comparative Religion and Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound and her M.S. in Teaching from Pace University. Ms. Bronson is currently a National Principals Academy Fellow with the Relay Graduate School of Education


Natalya Shulga
Director of Operations
Ms. Shulga is thrilled to join the Williamsburg Collegiate community as the Director of Operations. Prior to this role, Ms. Shulga was an education consultant with the Parthenon Group, supporting strategic planning in large school districts across the country and leading educational foundations and non-profits. In addition, Ms. Shulga served as an Education Pioneer at People’s Prep Charter School in Newark and a Strategic Planning Manager at UP Academy Network in Boston. Ms. Shulga received her B.A. in Psychology from Dartmouth College and her M.B.A. from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.